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sales, service and support for a variety of new cutting-edge computer systems. These systems have many applications for every business environment, such as inventory, asset tracking, distribution, management and sales. We will work with your business to find the best quality and cost effective product to fit your needs. The computer systems below are  the most typical that we sell and service. We support much more than is listed, so feel free to contact us for any of your computing needs.
The Symbol MC9190-G improves productivity and accuracy in the most extreme environments. When you need to scan bar codes and collect data in the harshest of environments, the MC9190-G is ready for the job. Whether your workers are managing inventory in industrial warehouses, searching for materials in subzero temperatures out in the yard or repairing equipment on a military base in a hot sandy desert, the MC9190-G helps get the job done right and fast. You can count on dependable scanning of virtually any bar code ' even if the label has been damaged. With the next generation of the highly successful MC9000-G Series in hand, scanning is easier than ever, with point and shoot simplicity for bar codes that are inches or meters away.
The MC9090 mobile computer from Motorola provides mobile workers with a flexible always-on data connection to critical business applications and systems as well as to co-workers and business associates. Equipped with the latest advances in mobile technology, the MC9090-G provides support for enterprise applications, empowering mobile workers to access critical business information in real time. The construction is designed to withstand use in extreme environments, providing the flexibility to be used on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse, on the loading dock, as well as in the back room or out on the sales floor.
The rugged MC9000-K (brick style) Series from Motorola, The Enterprise Mobility Company?, is an exceptionally reliable mobile computer that delivers real-time visibility into your company?s mission-critical information. Three wireless radios offer maximum accessibility to help workers make more informed decisions. The MC9000-K provides multiple benefits: reduce errors, improve productivity and comply with increased safety standards, environmental or homeland security regulatory issues. It?s ideal for your field, delivery, home office, operations, warehouse or factory applications. 
Building on the success of the Motorola MC9000 family, the rugged, compact MC909X-S handheld mobile computer delivers the exceptional reliability mobile workers inside and outside your four walls need to provide real-time visibility into business-critical information. Designed to handle all-day every day use in nearly any environment, the MC909X-S enables route salespeople, field repair personnel, and workers in the warehouse or on the retail floor to access, as well as capture and send, crucial business information in real time. The latest advances in mobile technology, proven rugged construction, and support for multi-mode wireless connectivity ensure maximum accessibility to coworkers and business systems.
The flagship MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a mobile phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage. This compact, lightweight device combines multi-mode wireless networking, voice and data communications, and advanced data capture in an enterprise productivity tool that can support nearly any application in any environment. Superior voice functionality includes outstanding acoustic performance and voice quality, handset, headset and speakerphone modes.
Rugged Mobility, Efficient Data Management and the Power of PalmTM. The SPT 1800 Series of pen-notepad computers offers advanced Palm PoweredTM solution for your work force. This family of rugged mobile computers combines integrated scanning, sophisticated wireless connectivity and powerful processing capability with the Palm OS? platform. With 1-D bar code data capture and wireless local area network (WLAN) or wireless wide area network (WWAN) communications, the SPT 1800 Series is a powerful productivity-enhancing tool.
The PDT 3100 offers more options for Collecting, Displaying and Communicating Data with Symbol Portable Terminals. Built for unmatched durability and designed for flexible, single-handed operation, the Symbol PDT 3100 is the bar code data capture industry?s most popular portable data terminal. The 16-bit DOS, lightweight PDT 3100 offers a choice of 4- or 8-line by 20 character displays. You can also choose between 35 or 46 alphanumeric or 21 numeric keypad configurations and optional integrated linear (one-dimensional) bar code scanning capability.
The Legacy Symbol PDT 1475 Portable Data Terminal is a must for applications where basic, 8-bit automatic bar code data capture makes the difference in your business. Symbol?s PDT 1475 is the low-cost, reliable and flexible tool you need for practical automatic bar code data capture in the field, the warehouse, the office, or the store. A workhorse, the PDT 1475 is ideal for electronic order systems, sales order entry, retailer inventory control and market research.
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• We offer a 60 day warranty for products that we sell (this can be adjusted based on your needs).
• We offer a 60 day warranty for repairs. Exclusions include cable assemblies, external power supplies, batteries and damage as a result of abuse (misuse, accident and neglect).
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